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Practical advice for hikers

Before leaving...

- Preferably check the weather forecast before each departure, and do not hesitate to postpone a hike if the forecast is bad.

- Choose an itinerary adapted to his physical capacities.

- Notify relatives, your route, the date and time of return planned.

- Avoid going alone.


Hiker equipment ...

- The backpack: if you are going for a day, a model less than 50 liters will be suitable.

- Inside the backpack: warm clothes and a rain cape (which shelters both the hiker and the bag), if the weather turns bad.

- Take water, provide several gourds (1.5 liters minimum for a day hike). Beware of water from streams and rivers, even at altitude, it may be unsuitable for consumption.

- For longer hikes, provide a detailed map (scale 1: 25,000) and a compass. (ex: IGN map) as well as a survival blanket, a whistle and a headlamp.

- To protect yourself from the sun, bring a hat or cap, sunglasses, total sunscreen (Warning: sunburns are quickly caught at altitude, even in cloudy skies).

- Shoes: it is essential to equip yourself with a good pair of high-top shoes with notched soles that absorb shocks. When purchasing, it is recommended to take at least half a size more than the city shoe size. Why ? The foot swells when walking and would be compressed in a shoe that is too small in size.

- Pants are better than shorts to avoid scratches and sunburn.

- Equip yourself to observe animals without disturbing them (binoculars).


Tip: The weight of the backpack should not exceed 10% of the body weight.