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Essential hike

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This Pictogram indicates a hike not to be missed when you are staying at the resort.

it does not prejudge its duration or its difficulty.

It indicates an exceptional panorama, a particularly pleasant combination of duration / difficulty / landscape / pleasure of walking.

Spot it and find out about the hike before you set off.

To hike safely, follow these instructions:

  • Check the weather before leaving.
  • Always bring a bottle of water and something to eat.
  • Bring rain coat and something to protect you from the sun (cap, sunscreen) and / or insects.
  • Keep a first aid kit in your bag.
  • Add a plastic bag in your backpack to bring your waste with you and throw it in a trash can at the resort.
  • If you are leaving alone, tell your friends and family about your planned itinerary


Pay particular attention to children who get tired quickly at altitude, take your time and have fun!