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Lorna Bonnel

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Lorna Bonnel is a ski instructor at the ESF ski school in La Toussuire and a mountain guide at the Bureau Montagne de La Toussuire.

She started ski mountaineering in 2013 in the senior category (adults) and has since exceled in this sport.

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2019 & 2020

The year 2020 will have been more than shortened, with many competitions having been canceled due to COVID.

4th in the sprint world cup in Germany and 5th in the individual (08 and 09 February)
5th in the individual world cup in Andorra and 13th in the vertical race (January 25 and 26)
Vice-champion of France individual (January 18)

 World Championships in Villars, Switzerland:

World champion in team with Axelle Mollaret

Relay World Champion with Axelle Mollaret and Léna Bonnel

Bronze medal on the individual

Combined bronze medal

7th on the sprint

    World Cups:

10th on the individual and 12th on the sprint in Austria

3rd on the individual and 10th on the vertical race in Andorra

3rd on the sprint and 4th on the individual at Super Dévoluy in France

2nd on the individual and 10th on the vertical race at Disentis in Switzerland

3rd on the individual and 6th on the sprint at Madonna di Campiglio in Italy

    4th in the world ranking (World Cup and world championships classification).
    6th in the over-all ranking of the World Cup, 5th on the individual, 6th on the sprint and 14th on the vertical race.
    Mezzalama: Team Victory with Alba De Silvestro and Axelle Mollaret (support for the Long Distance World Championships - La Grande Course circuit)

    French Championships:

Vice-champion of France in individual

Vice-champion of France in sprint

3rd French in vertical race

    Victory on the Transcavallo in team with Alba De Silvestro (popular race over 3 days in Italy).
    Victory on the sprint of La Toussuire.
    Victory on the Dynastar x 3 (best women's ski touring time) with Lena and Candice Bonnel.

A year of training and competitions is also: 560h sports (including 220h skiing), 4 858km, 274 340 vertical meters + (including 140 000m + skiing). But also 25 days of ski races in winter and 13 races in summer in vertical kilometers and by bike.



In 2018, despite a persistent flu that has ruined much of winter ... Lorna's results are very good:

- 5th on the Individual World Cup in Madonna di Campiglio and 6th on the Sprint event

- 3rd in the Rutor's Tour with Séverine Pont Combe

- Vice Champion of France Sprint and 3rd on the Race of Vertical Race

- 1st at the Tour du Grand Paradis in team with Sophie Mollard



World Ski Team Mountaineering Champion with Axelle Mollaret in Piancavallo (Italy) on February 26, 2017.

- 11th in Individual, 11th in Sprint and 4th in Combined.

- Lorna and Axelle also finished third in the Pierra Menta in 2017.

French Championships:

- 3rd place on the individual race

- 6th on the sprint

- 3rd on the Vertical Race

Albaron Women's Record in 2h36'36 "



French Champion FFME team (with Laetitia Roux)

5th in the world cup, individual event, in Mondole.

7th in the individual and 8th in the sprint: 3rd stage of the Transcavallo World Cup, Italy

12th in the individual and 12th in the sprint: 2nd stage of the Valtellina Orobie World Cup, Italy

13th at the European Individual Championships and 16th at the Sprint in Les Marécottes, Switzerland

16th in the individual and 18th in the vertical race: 1st stage of the World Cup in Andorra



French Champion FFME team (with Laetitia Roux)

French Champion FFCAM individual and team

10th at the Puy St Vincent sprint World Cup

6th at Adamello, Italy (with Valentine Fabre) (Grande Course circuit)

8th at the Pierra Menta (with Candice Bonnel) (Grande Course circuit)




Vice-Champion of France FFME by team with Blandine Ducrest

FFCAM French Champion by team with Blandine Ducrest

Vice-Champion of France FFCAM

9th at the Glacier Patrol, Switzerland (Grande Course circuit)

1st at the Transvanoise
9th at the Mezzalama, Italy (Great Race circuit)
1st at Grand Béal in 2013, 2014, 2015