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The COVID 19 situation is changing day by day and hour by hour. The purpose of this FAQ is to inform you in real time with verified and official data.

It does not pretend to provide answers to all of the questions you may have, but it does want to give you the currently available answers and any deadlines when available.

Version 10-05-2020



    When will the resort open?
        The station is currently and normally "closed". This is his usual state in the off season, until the official opening date.
        The "official" resort opening dates provide, subject to government or prefectural directives, for the resort to open from July 4th to August 30en, dates on which the activities will take place. Shops and ski lifts will open in installments and according to their own government directives and the department's classification in the epidemic scale.

    Will it be possible to come to the resort from May 11?
        From May 11, access to the resort will be free for people living within 100km of La Toussuire or within the department of Savoie.
         Access to the mountains and to individual outdoor sports will be authorized subject to compliance with the rules of social distancing * and the gathering of a maximum of 10 people.

    Is the Tourist Office open?
The premises of the Tourist Office are currently closed to visitors but continues its activity and its main missions:

  •     Reception is provided by phone Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. on +33 (0) 4 79 83 06 06 and by email at the following address: info@la-toussuire.com
  •     The information is provided by this website and the station's social networks:
    •         Facebook: @LaToussuire @LaToussuireLesSybelles
    •         Twitter: @LaToussuire
    •         Instagram: LaToussuire
  •     The animation, promotion and communication services perform their functions by telework.
  •     Management and all staff can be reached on their mobile phones and via their regular emails.


When will the Tourist Office open?
The Tourist Office will not welcome visitors until May 31.
From this date and according to the government directives at that time, the Tourist Office could reopen its doors in compliance with the health and safety conditions defined by the authorities concerning establishments welcoming the public. The conditions of access to the building of the Tourist Office which also shelters the Postal Agency, the House of the owners, the Municipal Police and the medical ones remain to be defined.


From May 11, which stores will be open?
Except for the Utile supermarket until May 23, there will be no open store in the resort until early June.
Regarding bars and restaurants, they are awaiting government decisions of June 2 to reopen when authorized.
Food stores (Sherpa and Utile) will be open all summer.
 Sherpa will be open in early June (Currently closed)
 Utile will be open on the dates of the resort (Currently open every morning from 9h to 12h except Wednesday and Sunday and until May 23. Then closed until early July)

When will the other stores open?
We will keep you informed via this FAQ and the social networks of the openings as and when the information reaches us.


Do you have any questions that we haven't considered?

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Contact us by email  and we can complete this FAQ with your experience which will benefit everyone. Do not hesitate !