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Especially for children

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Natural ice-skating ring

Chèques Vacances
Don't miss the oportunity to skate in La Toussuire on one of last natural ice-skating rinks.
Rue Verte 73300 La Toussuire

Bike Park

The bike park is made up of diferent units, to practise mountain biking with fun! Helmet and protective equipment required.
73300 La Toussuire

Group lessons - Esi

Chèques Vacances
Collective lessons with 5 to 10 people maximum. Quality and safety. Adults and children can progress in a family atmosphere!
Place Olympique 73300 La Toussuire

Pass' Partout

Chèques Vacances
Pass' Partout: packed with freedom ! 1 Card Activities Discount Pass' Partout is a rechargeable prepayment card (3€ deposit)
73300 La Toussuire

Recreational area

Field for children between 2 and 14. Under the supervision of the parents.
73300 La Toussuire

Snowmobile for children

Snowmobile for children on a closed track. From 6 to 13 years old
73300 La Toussuire

Kids playground at le Chaput

Slide, swings, games on spring in a kids playground. Composting toilet.
73300 La Toussuire

Flash Deb -Esi

Place olympique 73300 La Toussuire

Cinema l'Igloo

Chèques Vacances
Come at the cinema l'Igloo to discover the new films (in French) 1 to 3 sessions per day 3D equipment
30 Rue René Cassin 73300 La Toussuire